Once ADL has fully assessed all savings and costs associated with the new energy efficient system our highly experienced project managers go to work.  The project managers keep daily tabs on projects including ones happening simultaneously all over the country and provide weekly reports.

The new energy efficient system installed by ADL Energy Group will start to pay for itself immediately after it's installation. Clients see savings on the billing cycle directly following the installation of the new system. Adding dollars to the bottom line.

Financing is available no matter the size of the project. Qualified clients can take advantage of our financing options. In many cases this can provide a no money down way to take advantage of our Energy Efficient Systems.  In most instances the savings that the system provides is greater than the actual finance costs. This means the system will pay for itself while creating positive cash flow immediately.

Immediate Savings 

ADL Energy Group gathers all assessment data and cross references it with energy rates, regional rebates and other proprietary factors to provide a report containing all energy usage and an exact Return on Investment.

Complete R.O.I Report

Project Management

ADL Energy Group  has teams in place all over the continental US ready to quickly and accurately assess your property or properties' Lighting and Energy Inefficiencies. These assessments are free of charge to qualified clients.